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1. Element helps to reinforce memory and prevent aging

According to Jing Yi University Dr. Wang Ming Fu’s research, Oolong Tea contains polyphenols and can eliminate free-radical. It also has the effect to prevent illness due to aging. It is also known to strengthen memory and increase learning ability.

2. Alleviating cholesterol and prevent diabetes

People who drink over 5 cups of tea a day are with lower blood pressure and cholesterol. The long term study performed on Japanese, Netherlanders, and Finns shows that drinking tea does help lowering blood pressure and blood lipoid, also prevents Arteriosclerosis.

3. A cup of Oolong Tea a day will help reduce 2kg a year

Jing Yi University Dr. Wang Ming Fu’s study also confirmed, Oolong Tea’s polyphenols compound can increase neutral fat to decompose and also increase basal metabolic rate. One cup of Oolong Tea a day can reduce 6g of body fat, which comes down to 2kg a year!