3 Reasons to Drink Oolong Tea

1. Element helps to reinforce memory and prevent aging

According to Jing Yi University Dr. Wang Ming Fu’s research, Oolong Tea contains polyphenols and can eliminate free-radical. It also has the effect to prevent illness due to aging. It is also known to strengthen memory and increase learning ability.

2. Alleviating cholesterol and prevent diabetes

People who drink over 5 cups of tea a day are with lower blood pressure and cholesterol. The long term study performed on Japanese, Netherlanders, and Finns shows that drinking tea does help lowering blood pressure and blood lipoid, also prevents Arteriosclerosis.

3. A cup of Oolong Tea a day will help reduce 2kg a year

Jing Yi University Dr. Wang Ming Fu’s study also confirmed, Oolong Tea’s polyphenols compound can increase neutral fat to decompose and also increase basal metabolic rate. One cup of Oolong Tea a day can reduce 6g of body fat, which comes down to 2kg a year!

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9 Procedures to Brewing High Mountain Oolong Tea

1. Prepare Water

Boil water to the appropriate temperature (90C~95C) for High Mountain Oolong Tea.2.

2. Warming Up Tea Pot

Pour boiled water into tea pot. The warm up tea pot will help tea leaves to stretch out and deliver its aroma.

3. Preparing Tea

Prepare proper quantity of tea leaves with tea funnel.

4. Warming Tea Container

Pour water from tea pot into tea container, it helps to reserve the fragrant.

5. Place Tea Leaves in Tea Pot

Use tea funnel to place proper quantity of tea leaves into tea pot. For High Mountain Oolong Tea, which is in tight ball form; therefore, the tea pot should be 30% full with tea leaves.

6. Warming Up Tea Cup

Pour water from tea container to tea cup. Warmed up tea cups will help to preserve aroma of the tea.

7. Making Tea(Timer)

Pour proper temperature water into tea pot and steep for 1 minute. As soon as the tea is ready, pour tea into tea container.

8. Pouring Tea into Tea Cup

Pour tea from tea container to tea cup and serve tea to guests.

9. Making More Tea

Additional serving of tea can be served, for 2nd brew shorten the time to 40 seconds and add extra 10-15 seconds for each following brew.

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Oolong Tea Legend

Long ago, there was a hunter named Hu Liang in An Xi town. On his search one day, he discovered a small bush with elegant greenish leaves. He then decides to pluck some leaves and place in his basket. Afterwards he continued on his hunt, until sunset. When he arrived home, he has come across a light refreshing aroma, then found out the aroma came from the basket filled with leaves. Hu Liang then uses boiling water to brew the leaves, and realize the soup is mellow and as well as thirst quenching. Afterward, he started to try many methods for making fragrant tea, following by many attempts, he found the secret. The method to making fragrant tea was successful, people started to spread words about the fragrant tea and Hu Liang became well-known. Moreover, because in An Xi “Hu Liang” pronunciation is similar to “Oolong”, therefore people started to call his fragrant tea “Oolong Tea”.

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