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With an Infusor Tea Cup

Ten Ren features an individual Brewing Kit with a cup and infusor for single servings. To use it, place about two teaspoons of loose tea into the infusor and place it in your cup. Pour boiling water over the tea and let it steeps for about two minutes (Steep longer for a stronger tea). Then take out the infusor and enjoy a delicious cup of tea. The leaves may be used two more times by simply pouring more water over the leaves.

With our Traditional Chinese Porcelain Covered Cup

Place about one teaspoon of tea in the cup (with Oolong or Pouching tea, use a heaping teaspoon — for black or jasmine tea, a level teaspoon). Add boiled water and steep for two to three minutes. This beautiful Porcelain cup is the time-honored way of serving tea in Chinese culture.

How to Brew Tea in the Traditional Tea Ceremony Style

1. Measure out loose tea equal to two-fifth of the pot’s volume into the tea funnel.

2. Warm the pot by filling it half-way with hot water.

3. Pour the water from the pot into the tea serving pitcher.

4. Put loose tea into the pot using the tea funnel.

5. Pour half a pot of freshly boiled water over the leaves. Immediately pour this water into the serving pitcher.

6. Pour this warm water from the pitcher into the cups to warm them.

7. Fill the tea pot with boiled water and let steep for one minute.

8. While the tea steeps, empty the water from the cups into the large water receptacle.

9. Pour the tea into the tea serving pitcher and serve each cup.

10. Then enjoy the tea — its fragrance, its colour, and its flavour. Sip it slow — the Chinese say that one should “taste” tea, rather than just “drink” tea.

11. After the first round, the host or hostress may refill the pot with boiled water and rebrew it — up to five or six times more.