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Long ago, there was a hunter named Hu Liang in An Xi town. On his search one day, he discovered a small bush with elegant greenish leaves. He then decides to pluck some leaves and place in his basket. Afterwards he continued on his hunt, until sunset. When he arrived home, he has come across a light refreshing aroma, then found out the aroma came from the basket filled with leaves. Hu Liang then uses boiling water to brew the leaves, and realize the soup is mellow and as well as thirst quenching. Afterward, he started to try many methods for making fragrant tea, following by many attempts, he found the secret. The method to making fragrant tea was successful, people started to spread words about the fragrant tea and Hu Liang became well-known. Moreover, because in An Xi “Hu Liang” pronunciation is similar to “Oolong”, therefore people started to call his fragrant tea “Oolong Tea”.