Oolong Tea

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Oolong (Wu-Long) Tea

The best quality Oolong is grown and harvested from the mountains of Taiwan such as the Tianli Oolong, one of the finest and most rare oolong.

Oolong, also spelled as Wu-Long, is a semi-fermented tea which is known for its rich taste and pleasant lasting aftertaste. Oolongs are further classified as Dark or Green with Dark Oolongs baked longer than Green Oolongs. Green Oolongs (which are not related to Green teas in any way) tend to have a stronger fragrance while Dark Oolongs tend to have a stronger aftertaste. Special Baked Oolong is the only Oolong that is an intermediate Dark-Green Oolong.

Ten Ren Tea offers one of the most extensive selections of oolong tea. The following Oolong tea products available: tea bags, candy, loose tea, and special loose teas in canisters and gift packages.