Small Canisters Tea Set (approx. 25~30g each)



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High Mountain Oolong Tea

Taiwan High Mountain Oolong Tea is planted on the mountains with higher elevations where fog and clouds surround the hills year round. Oolong Tea is considered the finest semi-fermented tea by connoisseurs worldwide. After brew-up, the tea encompasses closed and bright green leaves, clear tea soup, sweet and fragrant taste. It is the most favourable product for Taiwanese.

台灣高山烏龍茶屬輕發酵烏龍茶, 產於台灣高山地帶而馳名, 經專業技術揉製成緊實之捲球形, 沖泡後香氣清揚高雅, 湯色透徹明亮, 滋味香醇回甘, 葉底鮮翠柔嫩為其最大特色, 是台灣品茗者的最愛.




Oriental Beauty Tea

Oriental Beauty Tea is selected from off spring leaves of tea plant, and is made with two leaves one sprout to create the precious honey taste. The name “Oriental Beauty” is concluded from the radiant shape of tea leaves, the vibrant orange tea colour, the mellow sweet taste and fruitful fragrant.

東方美人 [白毫烏龍茶]

白毫烏龍茶乃採擷茶樹中最嬌嫩, 且被小綠葉蟬輕螫過的一心兩葉部分精緻而成, 具有獨特之蜜糖香氣, 因茶葉外型漂亮, 湯色澄紅艷麗, 入口甘醇軟甜, 具有獨特的熟果香, 宛如貴婦般婀娜多姿, 故有[東方美人]之稱.

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