Dragon Well Green Tea (150 g )


Dragon Well Green Tea (150 g )
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Made in Taiwan by Tenren Tea

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Dragon Well Green Tea

Dragon Well is also known as Long-Gin or Lung Ching in Chinese. It was mentioned by Lu Yu (733-804 A.D.) in his famous “The Classic of Tea”. It is a green tea that is very popular in China and considered one of their most famous. Although Dragon Well may be grown all over China, Dragon Well originates from the mountains surrounding the beautiful West Lake of Hangzhou in Zhejiang province, China. DragonWell also has a historical significance in American History as it was the tea presented to President Richard Nixon during his trip to China.

Today, West Lake produces the best quality Dragon Well tea. It is meticulously prepared using traditional methods from tender tea leaves. The finished tea leaves have a flat and smooth appearance. The four outstanding unique characteristics of Dragon Well tea are its green jade color, its orchid-like smell, its sparrow’s tongue shape of its dried leaves, and its fresh taste and semi-sweet aftertaste.

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