大紅袍烏龍茶 (40 g)


大紅袍烏龍茶 (40 g)
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Da Hong Pao Oolong Tea (40 g)

The fragrant and fiery Da Hong Pao should be the most traditional and most ancient Fujian oolong tea, with a floral fragrance of its own bones and a sweet aftertaste, full of Fujian-style tea in the mountains and fields.

Selected Wuyi Mountain Ji tea high altitude excellent single plant, with a strong self-rhyme style. Dahongpao picking technology is more refined than other tea, every spring, pick 3-4 leaves of new shoots, after sun-dried green, cool green, do green, fried green, initial kneading, re-frying, re-kneading, water roasting, dusting, spreading, picking, re-baking, then dusting, and make up the fire. Natural and pure, high quality and self-evident, has always been respected by tea people as “the head of their own tea”

health tea: rich in minerals and trace elements

Wuyi Ji tea grows in the rotten gravel soil of the Jibi ravine, and the weathered gravel soil has rich minerals for the tea tree to absorb, not only nourishing the tea tree, but also the mineral trace elements contained in the tea are also richer, such as potassium, zinc, selenium content more, can separate oxalic acid, tannic acid and slacky yellow and other mixtures, which is of great benefit to the human body, it is recommended to bring your own one, put it in front of the case, can regulate the body and mind at any time.

The soup is orange and yellow, and the aroma is strong and natural. The amount is large, the taste is sweet, and the aftertaste is strong.

Old tea gluttons may like this return to the traditional Wuyi Ji tea, which is large and full of flavor, the aroma is strong, the aftertaste is soothing and powerful, and the high charcoal incense makes people have an endless aftertaste, which is reminiscent of the old farmers in the mountains resting and quenching their thirst between farming. One ploughing, one farming, and natural feedback after hard work, this is the most simple and purest taste of tea.
大紅袍烏龍茶 (40 g)







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