High Mt. Oolong Tea ( 100 g )


High Mt. Oolong Tea ( 100 g )
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Smoked with Jin Xuan tea mixed with fresh osmanthus, the floral fragrance sets off the tea taste, it is a unique flavor of flavored tea, when drinking, it not only has the sweetness of tea, but also rich in the fragrance of osmanthus, a cup is full of fragrance in the hand room, after drinking, the teeth and cheeks are born, and the aftertaste is endless. Size: 100g Kind: Canned tea Ingredients: Tea leaves Nutrition Facts: Per 100 mL/Per 100 mL Energy: 1 kcal Protein 0.2 grams(gm) Fat 0 gram (gm) Saturated Fat 0 g Trans Fat 0 grams (gm) Carbohydrate 0 grams (gm) Sodium 9.1 milligrams (mg) Precautions: Please store in a cool, dry room temperature (stored), avoid direct sunlight, and consume as soon as possible after opening. The above labeling, please refer to the packaging.
Tea drinkers in Taiwan are accustomed to the so-called high mountain tea, refers to the hemispherical oolong tea produced in the tea garden above 1000 meters above sea level, the distribution range is very wide, not a single specific tea area, drinking high mountain tea, is to enjoy the natural aroma produced by the high-altitude climate, as if the tea taster brought to the mountain, is the best way to experience the “tea fragrance, tea country” fun tea.

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