Seasonal Spring Oolong Tea (225g)


Seasonal Spring Oolong Tea (225g)
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Made in Taiwan by Tenren Tea

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Seasonal Spring Oolong Tea (225g)
Specially selected fresh and tender tea cyanine before and after the rain, the bud heart is fat and strong, the tea soup is golden and clear, the aroma is rich and elegant, the taste is mellow and smooth, take a sip, and taste the taste of spring.

Spring tea is harvested from mid-March to early May, the tea tree grows slowly in winter, and begins to sprout new shoots from spring, because the temperature in spring is moderate, the buds and leaves of spring tea are fat and strong, the color is emerald green, the leaf texture is soft, the taste is fresh, the aroma is better and stronger, and the nutrients in the tea are also rich, which is a tea product that tea lovers should not miss.


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