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Green Tea is unoxidized tea; therefore, Green tea is original and natural. Most of the tea flavor and elements are preserved; consequently you will experience the genuine taste of Green tea. Green tea leaves are mostly in thin-thread shape and in an emerald green or yellowish green color. Medical profession has Green tea as top recommendation for the good health of yours. In addition to rich Vitamin C, the merit of Green tea is verified in most anti-cancer research reports. Lung Ching Tea and Pi Lo Chun Tea are both most often conceive as green tea in Taiwan. Lung Ching tea is one of the representations of Green tea in Taiwan. Making its tea from selecting two leaves one sprout leaves, and using high temperature for frying refinement, tea leaves are then rolled into sword-like shape and in an emerald green color with radiance and white fur. The brewed tea is pure and refreshing with light grassy aroma and sweet taste.